🏦The Steal 🏦

Author: Yuvaraja Dhayanithi
Publication: Dreamblooms Media
Ratings: ⭐⭐⭐⭐/⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Have you ever thought of stealing something and ended up in the great mess? The Steal is a story about two robbers Mohan and Sofia who are not robbers in real, but they plan to rob a bank together and do it for just fun or you can say to help poor people from that money. The story is set in Germany and they are succuded in achieving their plan to rob a bank, but as you know nothing last forever so it lead them to the journey of terror, politics and love.Things start to get complicated, in their jounery of stealing in such a way that they began to steal each others heart.
Will they be able to achieve the ultimate plan of stealing?
Will they be caught?
What all mess will be created in this path of their stealing journey?
How far they can run to escape from the terror and politics?
To get all the answes you need to read this book, which is a fasten up robbery journey of two people who end up stealing each others heart!

My Review:

🏦 The cover is impressive( shiny touch) so the title is different and attractive.
We can get to know somewhat what the book is all about by the cover so it is a good point.
🏦 Narration:
The book is pretty simply narrated, as well start reading it is fast paced page after page but in between I found like the author is dragging the book but as we come to the end part, it is very indulging and upto the mark, I was really engrossed in the last part of the book.
🏦 Story plot:
Unique plot: the book has indeed a unique plot with little bit of suspense too, which I loved.
Overall is a good book to read, enjoyable one, but somewhere it lacks in the narration, like according to me the author has not somewhat able to express certain things, like some scene they start and ends quickly but according to me they needed more explained and vice-versa!
🏦 The story is about stealing and the journey of two people who plan to steal and end up in a mess of terror, politics, and love too. This book is very engrossing it is an enjoyable read and also a one sitting read too.

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