Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands

Author: Sanjay DesaiPublication: ConsciousLeap Insights Private LimitedRatings: 3⭐/5⭐ The story is about our protagonists Jasmine with her struggles in her profession modelling that is indeed new to her. The book is a non-fiction with lots of spritual teachings but that is in the other half of the book.Coming to the first half of the book, […]

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Author Interview

An interview was conducted by me of the author Namrata Gupta, here are the questions : Q1- Tell your readers about yourself?A: I live in New Delhi. I began writing poems when I was ten, which were published in national newspapers like Punjab Kesari. My write-up was published in Hindustan Times when I was eighteen. […]

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Publication: Notion PressRatings: 4⭐/5⭐ Blurb:Women from the anicient era have faced a lot of problems be it related to domestic voilence, sexual harrasment, equality rights. Rebelina narrates 19 such powerful women life stories that will encourage the reader to build confidence within themselves if she is facing such situations.The stories are beautifully narrated and every […]

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Man Hunt

Author: Priya KumarRatings: 4⭐/5⭐ Blurb:Man hunt by Priya Kumar is an adventurous story step up in Nagarjuna Tiger Reserve where we not only come across wild life stories but get to know more about what actually a human thinks and acts towards a wildlife scenario.Through many characters in the book the author explains the inner […]

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Afsaane a collection of short stories

Author: Ameya BondrePublisher: Blue Rose PublishersRatings: 4⭐/5⭐ Blurb:Afsaane is a collection of 11 short stories on different genre, emotions, plots. Each story has something unique to tell, the author has narrated each story in a beautiful manner with elaborated plots. Every story is an enjoyable read.Now have a look at some storiesThe most beautifully written […]

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Rhime of Time

Author: Padmaja BhartiPublication: BlueRose PublishersRatings: 4⭐/5⭐ Blurb:Rhime of Time is a collection of 75 poems, some are on authors characters narration , some are on nature and some are on human and relationship between nature and human.The author has elaborated every poem in a short yet effective verses that are easy to read and reflect. […]

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